Driven to Discover

Ours is a world of challenge and possibility. And we are the driven.

One mark of a great research university is the excellence of its faculty. At the University of Minnesota, we attract faculty whose research is changing the world. Our Driven to Discover campaign tells their brilliant stories—on television and radio; through print, digital, and social media; and at public locations such as the airport. See our TV and print ads below and take a deeper look into the stories highlighted in our campaign.

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Statewide Billboards

What drives Dr. Mukku to think purple-headed sneezeweed can treat illness?
What drives Dr. Marchel to open new doors for children with disabilities?
What drives Dr. Naidu to create a robotic hand that does everything yours can?
What drives Dr. Rachel Johnson to find proteins that gives cancer its power?
What drives Jake Anderson to think a fruit fly can prevent kidney stones?
What drives Dr. Russell to think trees need technology to survive?
What drives Dr. Coulter to think we can double our food production?
What drives Dr. Larkin to protect our lakes from aquatic invaders?
What drives master gardeners to share their green thumbs?